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Cowboy (Bone - In Ribeye) - 22oz to 26oz

Cowboy (Bone - In Ribeye) - 22oz to 26oz

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All of our meat products are 100% grass fed and sourced from New Zealand.  Sealed and frozen in 22/26 oz portions.

Saddle up for a culinary journey through the heart of the Wild West with our Cowboy Bone-In Ribeye, a rugged yet refined cut that embodies the spirit of the open range. Hand-selected from the choicest USDA Prime beef and meticulously trimmed by our expert butchers, each Cowboy Ribeye promises a dining experience steeped in tradition and flavor.

With its distinctive frenched bone reminiscent of a cowboy's trusty handle, this substantial steak is as visually impressive as it is flavorful. The generous marbling throughout the ribeye cap ensures a succulent, buttery texture, while the bone-in cut adds a depth of richness and complexity that sets it apart.

Prepare to channel your inner cowboy as you grill, smoke, or roast our Cowboy Bone-In Ribeye to smoky, charred perfection. Whether you prefer it cooked to a tender medium-rare or a hearty well-done, its robust flavor profile and juicy tenderness will transport you to the rugged landscapes of the American frontier.

Perfect for sharing with fellow adventurers or savoring as a solo indulgence, our Cowboy Ribeye is the ultimate centerpiece for any rustic feast. Pair it with classic cowboy sides like baked beans, cornbread, and roasted potatoes, and embrace the timeless flavors of the Old West.